Why Peirson

Bridget specializes in unique and individualized trips that you can't find on the Internet or in books. Why waste your time combing the Internet when Bridget can do it for you at no charge. Timbuktu, no problem. Antartica? No problem. Same with Australia.

These days, anyone can book a trip online. The dot-coms offer lots of great choices. You just pick a destination spot, click on a resort that looks pretty, book some flights, make arrangements for the pet, and then head out for a fabulous vacation. It's that simple, right?

Well, it could be. As long as you have the best information about the place you're going. Without it, though, your dream vacation could turn into a nightmare.

The problem with the dot-coms is that, though they offer lots of choices, they don't help you make the right decisions. Without speaking to a knowledgeable travel expert, you might arrive at that cute little Caribbean island you found online only to discover that it still hasn't recovered from the last hurricane, and the resort's amenities are limited, the service is poor, and the food was better at the airport.

By using an agency like Peirson Travel, which is experienced, friendly, and provides wide-ranging services, you can avoid hassles and unexpected problems and enjoy the benefits of the well-planned, affordable, and enjoyable vacation you always dreamed of.

Articles of Interest

"...a growing number of consumers appeared to be interested in using an offline travel agency, if they could find one. The fact that there are more people now who would consider using a good offline travel agent is telling me people are saying, ‘Enough already' ”

New York Times